Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing is a system for distributing profits from trading results based on the selected period. The profit distribution system allows: pay only for instruments that bring income at the end of the period; determine in advance the level of expected profit from the selected instrument; guarantee a transparent relationship of the platform with the … Read more Profit Sharing


How to start? follow the link register pay for the access finish the course in 30 days Course duration: 30 days Course plan: Basic technologies Digital currencies Decentralization concept Blockchain technology The past and future of Bitcoin Decentralized Applications How to store cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrency wallets Metamask Transfer of cryptocurrencies Safety principles Scale of the … Read more BASICS OF CRYPTOCURRENCIES training course

Bearish Power Bot

In this tutorial, we will figure out how to set up Bearish Power robot from our partner Smart Grow. Bearish power uses custom created indicators in multiple timeframes to signal potential trend reversals. The bot is not waiting for a trend confirmation signal to enter, instead it uses statistical extreme values to open a trade. … Read more Bearish Power Bot

Autofollowing Artificial Intelligence «AI Columbus Futures»

«AI Columbus Futures» autofollowing channel uses machine learning algorithms to trade more efficiently. Let’s consider this tool in more detail. In order to start using the autofollowing service go to the «Algotrading» section and select «Autofollowing» in the left menu. Through machine learning the system was trained to ‘see’ global & local support and resistance … Read more Autofollowing Artificial Intelligence «AI Columbus Futures»