Profit-sharing is a payment mechanism for a trader whose channel the user subscribes to. In other words, the share of profits that a user receives when subscribing to auto-following or copy trading can be paid not as a fixed amount once a month in the form of a subscription, but as a percentage of the profits.

There are two types of profit-sharing connection: through a wallet or through a subaccount. In the first case, the payment is made to the internal account of the Cryptorobotics platform. This method is suitable for those who trade from their personal exchange account by connecting it via the API. The second method is suitable for those who trade through a subaccount. In this case, the service fee is transferred automatically.

The profit-sharing function is available for copy trading and auto-following services. For both services, the payment procedure is the same. Let’s consider profit-sharing through a wallet and a sub-account using the example of the Cryptorobotics AUTO channel from the autofollowing section.

  1. Profit-sharing through a wallet

Let’s start with the wallet payment option. To do this, when connecting to a channel, you need to select the appropriate Wallet tab, select an exchange and a risk strategy.

Next, we set the parameters of the Total balance, the number of orders, the lot amount, the maximum leverage, and the percentage of the maximum allowable drawdown. All of these settings apply directly to the autofollow tool. After clicking Save settings, the settings for profit-sharing will appear.

This window displays profit distribution statistics and wallet balance. To start, you must initially have a certain amount in your wallet. If this amount is not available, then the wallet can be deposited by clicking on the Deposit button. After agreeing to the terms, you need to click Start trading. If there is not enough balance to write off and debt appears, trading is suspended.

Next, the work of the autofollowing service starts. If you need to suspend this tool, just click on the Cancel contract button.

2. Profit-sharing via sub-account

In order to run the tool in sub-account mode, you must follow the same steps to select the settings of the tool itself.

After that, the section for setting up profit-sharing will also be available. However, in this case there is no deposit function, since part of the profit will be automatically debited as it is received.