Binance subaccount (no verification)

Cryptorobotics is the official broker of the Binance exchange.

Corporate verification of the broker company allows it to create subaccounts on the exchange for users.

We create subaccounts for users by request:

  • to simplify the process of creating an account on the exchange for novice users,
  • to create an account in regions where there may be difficulties with verification and access to popular trading functions, for example, trading on Binance Futures,
  • to create additional accounts when the presence of a basic one for separating trading balances for several independent instruments.

To create an account, you need to:

  • submit an application for creating a subaccount on the Cryptorobotics platform;
  • pay for the subaccount support plan in the amount of $19 and top up the subaccount balance;
  • get access to the subaccount and email of the subaccount by email (it is possible to change the password and withdraw funds at any time);
  • get access to API keys and accounts in a private Telegram chat.

Important conditions for users: 

  1. The user has access to the funds of the subaccount and can dispose of them in his own interests, 
  2. The user has access to all information on the operations of the subaccount, 
  3. The user has access to the mail of the subaccount and can fix the sole access to this mail by changing the password.
  4. From the moment of termination of the usage of the subaccount support tariff, the company maintains the subaccount for 90 days.
  5. Funds on the subaccount are fixed in the equivalent of USDT at the time of termination of the user’s subaccount.