Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing is a system for distributing profits from trading results based on the selected period.

The profit distribution system allows:

  • pay only for instruments that bring income at the end of the period;
  • determine in advance the level of expected profit from the selected instrument;
  • guarantee a transparent relationship of the platform with the user and the trader.

Profit Sharing (Profit distribution system) can be connected to any of the instruments available in the Cryptorobotics terminal and is the basis for concluding a Contract.

Before signing the Contract, a prerequisite is to set up the selected instrument (for example, Signal Trading in one click, Trading Robots or Autofollowing).

The contract contains 3 mandatory steps:

Step 1. Agreement on the terms of the Contract, including:

  • Contract duration
  • Expected profit percentage
  • The percentage to be distributed in favor of the trader and the platform
  • The amount of the balance in trade, which is taken as the basis for calculation
  • The maximum drawdown of the balance, by which the automatic termination of the Contract will occur and trading will be stopped.

Step 2. Payment of the security deposit.

Payment is made to the internal wallet of the user’s account and is available for subsequent withdrawal at any time after the termination of the Contract.

Step 3. Signing of the Contract and launching the instrument.

Terms of termination of the Contract:

  1. Automatically:
  • upon the Contract expiration. In this case, the profit will be distributed automatically according to the final trading statistics.
  • when the maximum drawdown level is reached. The frozen funds will be refunded by deducting the platform fees.
  1.  At any time at the user initiative. In this case, the profit will be distributed automatically according to the current trade statistics.