TOP robots

We are ready to answer questions that have long been of interest to you:

  • How can I understand what robot and when to launch it?
  • What settings will be most effective at the moment?
  • Can I see the trading statistics of your robots? 

We’ve implemented «TOP robots» dashboard and are glad to announce its release.

With TOP robots you can see where the market liquidity goes to (ALT-BTC, ALT-USDT, ALT-ETH, BTC-USDT) and what settings are the most profitable for today

”TOP robots” is the rating of profitable robots, and each user can view detailed statistics of their trade.

Here you can see the robots that have a positive trading dynamic on “open-close” orders for a chosen period. 

In the dashboard you can filter the robots based on time periods: 

  • 1 day, 
  • 1 week, 
  • 2 weeks, 
  • 1 month,
  • 3 months,
  • 6 months.

And also you can choose any date that interests you and watch the rating for this particular day.

If you select 1 week and then select a date in the calendar, the dashboard will show robots with positive dynamics of trading for the week (the last day in the week will be the date you selected).

You will receive full information about the trading of each robot: the exchange, the balance of trade, the number of closed orders, the total profit in% and the number of coins.

You can open a detailed statistics for a particular robot by clicking on «View statistics».

After you click on this button the terminal will provide the detailed robot statistics and its settings.

You can open and analyze all orders for a particular robot. 

For your convenience, we have implemented the feature of copying settings — you can apply them to your robots in one click.

To do that click on «Copy settings», and the terminal will show the list of your robots you can apply the particular settings to.  

Click on «To apply», and the terminal will require you to choose what type of trading (real or demo) you are going to use with these settings.

Clicking on one of the buttons you will apply the settings to the chosen robot and you can launch it in trading right away after that.

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