CryptoRobotics trading robots are the programmed algorithms that are able to independently analyze the price movement in the market and make decisions on entering and exiting a position.

Robots open transactions on positive price fluctuations based on a number of oscillators and indicators. And exit them on the pre-set algorithm.

They are fully automated! You just need to specify a few basic parameters before the launch and robots will begin to open and close transactions on your exchange.

There are two modes in our robots:

  • Trading mode — uses balance on your exchange for trading;
  • Demo mode — Testing  — allows you to trade the robot on real currency quotes in real time, without using your balance.

To start using them in your trade you need to go to the «Robots» — «All Robots» section.

On the right side of the screen you will see a market of robots available to you which you can immediately buy or test for free.

You can also go to «My Robots» tab to see the entire list of your robots.

Here you will see brief information about each robot and go over to the management section and settings

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