Analytics Dashboard

Analytical Dashboard significantly simplifies the analysis of your trading across all accounts and tools used. All trading data is displayed on your panel in clear charts and graphical visualizations.

Now you can find all the data you need in one interface and manage these indicators to improve your trading strategies.

Analytical dashboard includes the following data:

  • The chart of balance changes across all accounts
  • Total balance across all accounts in BTC and USDT
  • Balance robots use in BTC, USDT, ETH
  • Amount of connected accounts
  • Amount of exchanges
  • Amount of open smart orders, amount of available (in pro package)
  • Amount of running robots, available robots (in pro package)
  • List of all connected accounts with the balances and the monthly change in per cents displayed
  • Summary portfolio (across all accounts)
  • The list of running robots with key indicators displayed

Account analytics

Account analytics allows to better understand summary statistics of your portfolio (of each API key) and see its dynamics.

The account statistics panel includes the following data:

  • Account profit chart
  • Account summary portfolio
  • Total revenue for today / month displayed in BTC and USDT
  • Robot revenue for today / month displayed in BTC and USDT
  • Balance the robot uses in BTC and USDT
  • The list of coins in the portfolio

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